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AFI - I Hope You Suffer



  • 1The Lost Souls The Lost Souls02:43
  • 2The Days Of The Phoenix The Days Of The Phoenix03:28
  • 3A Winter's Tale A Winter's Tale03:24
  • 4Totalimmortal Totalimmortal02:45
  • 5Fall Children Fall Children03:13
  • 6The Prayer Position The Prayer Position03:28
  • 7God Called In Sick Today God Called In Sick Today03:22
  • 8Lower It Lower It02:19
  • 9A Single Second A Single Second02:12
  • 10Third Season Third Season02:49
  • 11He Who Laughs Last... He Who Laughs Last...01:51
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  • 12I Wanna Get A Mohawk (But Mom Won't Let Me Get One) I Wanna Get A Mohawk (But Mom Won't Let Me Get One)01:13
  • 13Perfect Fit Perfect Fit01:59
  • 14Rolling Balls Rolling Balls02:22
  • 15Who Said You Could Touch Me? Who Said You Could Touch Me?01:25
AFI Release: 26.05.2014
UPC: 00888072354746

All Hallows EP

  • 1Fall Children Fall Children03:13
  • 2Halloween Halloween03:58
  • 3The Boy Who Destroyed The World The Boy Who Destroyed The World03:05
  • 4Totalimmortal Totalimmortal02:45
All Hallows EP Release: 26.05.2014
UPC: 00888072354166

Answer That And Stay Fashionable

  • 1Two Of A Kind Two Of A Kind01:30
  • 2Half-Empty Bottle Half-Empty Bottle01:39
  • 3Yürf Rendenmein Yürf Rendenmein02:14
  • 4I Wanna Get A Mohawk (But Mom Won't Let Me Get One) I Wanna Get A Mohawk (But Mom Won't Let Me Get One)01:13
  • 5Brownie Bottom Sundae Brownie Bottom Sundae01:47
  • 6The Checkered Demon The Checkered Demon02:08
  • 7Cereal Wars Cereal Wars01:16
  • 8The Mother In Me The Mother In Me02:05
  • 9Rizzo In The Box Rizzo In The Box01:51
  • 10Kung-Fu Devil Kung-Fu Devil02:12
  • 11Your Name Here Your Name Here02:27
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  • 12Ny-Quil Ny-Quil02:07
  • 13Don't Make Me Ill Don't Make Me Ill02:40
  • 14Open Your Eyes Open Your Eyes01:16
  • 15Highschool Football Hero Highschool Football Hero15:03
Answer That And Stay Fashionable Release: 26.05.2014
UPC: 00888072354180

Black Sails In The Sunset

  • 1Strength Through Wounding Strength Through Wounding01:33
  • 2Porphyria Porphyria02:07
  • 3Exsanguination Exsanguination02:49
  • 4Malleus Maleficarum Malleus Maleficarum04:02
  • 5Narrative Of Soul Against Soul Narrative Of Soul Against Soul02:30
  • 6Clove Smoke Catharsis Clove Smoke Catharsis04:38
  • 7The Prayer Position The Prayer Position03:28
  • 8No Poetic Device No Poetic Device02:16
  • 9The Last Kiss The Last Kiss03:03
  • 10Weathered Tome Weathered Tome02:13
  • 11At A Glance At A Glance04:01
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  • 12God Called In Sick Today God Called In Sick Today13:32
Black Sails In The Sunset Release: 26.05.2014
UPC: 00888072354159

Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes

  • 1Keeping Out Of Direct Sunlight (An Introduction) Keeping Out Of Direct Sunlight (An Introduction)00:58
  • 2Three Reasons Three Reasons01:34
  • 3A Single Second A Single Second02:12
  • 4pH Low pH Low01:42
  • 5Let It Be Broke Let It Be Broke02:06
  • 6Third Season Third Season02:49
  • 7Lower Your Head And Take It In The Body Lower Your Head And Take It In The Body01:46
  • 8Coin Return Coin Return02:34
  • 9The New Patron Saints And Angels The New Patron Saints And Angels02:18
  • 10Three Seconds Notice Three Seconds Notice01:36
  • 11Salt For Your Wounds Salt For Your Wounds02:25
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  • 12Today's Lesson Today's Lesson02:15
  • 13The Devil Loves You The Devil Loves You01:30
  • 14Triple Zero Triple Zero02:51
Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes Release: 26.05.2014
UPC: 00888072354111

The Art Of Drowning

  • 1Initiation Initiation00:39
  • 2The Lost Souls The Lost Souls02:43
  • 3The Nephilim The Nephilim02:35
  • 4Ever And A Day Ever And A Day03:07
  • 5Sacrifice Theory Sacrifice Theory01:59
  • 6Of Greetings And Goodbyes Of Greetings And Goodbyes03:04
  • 7Smile Smile01:32
  • 8A Story At Three A Story At Three03:53
  • 9The Days Of The Phoenix The Days Of The Phoenix03:28
  • 10Catch A Hot One Catch A Hot One02:54
  • 11Wester Wester03:02
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  • 126 To 8 6 To 804:21
  • 13The Despair Factor The Despair Factor03:55
  • 14Morningstar Morningstar11:28
The Art Of Drowning Release: 26.05.2014
UPC: 00888072354173

Very Proud of Ya

  • 1He Who Laughs Last... He Who Laughs Last...01:51
  • 2File 13 File 1301:49
  • 3Wake-Up Call Wake-Up Call01:43
  • 4Cult Status Cult Status01:58
  • 5Perfect Fit Perfect Fit01:59
  • 6Advances In Modern Technology Advances In Modern Technology01:40
  • 7Theory of Revolution Theory of Revolution01:32
  • 8This Secret Ninja This Secret Ninja02:20
  • 9Soap-Box Derby Soap-Box Derby02:25
  • 10Aspirin Free Aspirin Free02:46
  • 11Fishbowl Fishbowl01:51
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  • 12Charles Atlas Charles Atlas02:23
  • 13Crop Tub Crop Tub01:51
  • 14Consult My Lover Consult My Lover01:35
  • 15Take the Test Take the Test01:46
  • 16Two of a Kind Two of a Kind01:35
  • 17Shatty Fatmas Shatty Fatmas01:46
  • 18Yurf Rendenmenin Yurf Rendenmenin02:12
  • 19Cruise Control Cruise Control01:12
  • 20Modern Epic Modern Epic01:48
Very Proud of Ya Release: 26.05.2014
UPC: 00888072354104


  • 1The Sinking Night The Sinking Night00:46
  • 2I Hope You Suffer I Hope You Suffer00:49
  • 3A Deep Slow Panic A Deep Slow Panic00:31
  • 4No Resurrection No Resurrection00:44
  • 517 Crimes 17 Crimes00:38
  • 6The Conductor The Conductor00:32
  • 7Heart Stops Heart Stops01:00
  • 8Rewind Rewind00:39
  • 9The Embrace The Embrace00:34
  • 10Wild Wild00:49
  • 11Greater Than 84 Greater Than 8400:31
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  • 12Anxious Anxious00:58
  • 13The Face Beneath The Waves The Face Beneath The Waves00:48
Burials Release: 29.10.2013
UPC: 00602537613373

I Heard A Voice

  • 1Prelude 12/21 Prelude 12/2102:05
  • 2Girl's Not Grey Girl's Not Grey03:13
  • 3The Leaving Song Pt. II The Leaving Song Pt. II04:20
  • 4Summer Shudder Summer Shudder03:16
  • 5Kill Caustic Kill Caustic02:50
  • 6The Days of the Phoenix The Days of the Phoenix04:05
  • 7Endlessly, She Said Endlessly, She Said04:34
  • 8A Single Second A Single Second02:45
  • 9The Missing Frame The Missing Frame04:41
  • 10Bleed Black Bleed Black04:29
  • 11Silver And Cold Silver And Cold05:12
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  • 12Dancing Through Sunday Dancing Through Sunday02:35
  • 13This Time Imperfect This Time Imperfect04:34
  • 14Death of Seasons Death of Seasons05:15
  • 15Totalimmortal Totalimmortal04:31
  • 16Love Like Winter Love Like Winter03:11
  • 17God Called In Sick Today God Called In Sick Today04:50
  • 18Miss Murder Miss Murder03:38
I Heard A Voice Release: 05.03.2012
UPC: 00602517507265

Crash Love

  • 1Torch Song Torch Song03:45
  • 2Beautiful Thieves Beautiful Thieves03:46
  • 3End Transmission End Transmission03:48
  • 4Too Shy To Scream Too Shy To Scream02:58
  • 5Veronica Sawyer Smokes Veronica Sawyer Smokes02:44
  • 6Okay, I Feel Better Now Okay, I Feel Better Now04:31
  • 7Medicate Medicate04:20
  • 8I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here02:44
  • 9Sacrilege Sacrilege03:28
  • 10Darling, I Want To Destroy You Darling, I Want To Destroy You03:43
  • 11Cold Hands Cold Hands03:32
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  • 12It Was Mine It Was Mine03:52
Crash Love Release: 28.09.2009
UPC: 00602527172170


  • 1Prelude 12/21 Prelude 12/2101:34
  • 2Kill Caustic Kill Caustic02:40
  • 3Miss Murder Miss Murder03:26
  • 4Summer Shudder Summer Shudder03:06
  • 5The Interview The Interview04:16
  • 6Love Like Winter Love Like Winter02:46
  • 7Affliction Affliction05:28
  • 8The Missing Frame The Missing Frame04:41
  • 9Kiss and Control Kiss and Control04:18
  • 10The Killing Lights The Killing Lights04:03
  • 1137mm 37mm03:54
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  • 12Endlessly, She Said Endlessly, She Said04:27
UPC: 00602517005747

Sing The Sorrow

  • 1Miseria Cantare--The Beginning Miseria Cantare--The Beginning02:56
  • 2The Leaving Song Pt. II The Leaving Song Pt. II03:31
  • 3Bleed Black Bleed Black04:14
  • 4Silver And Cold Silver And Cold04:10
  • 5Dancing Through Sunday Dancing Through Sunday02:26
  • 6Girl's Not Grey Girl's Not Grey03:10
  • 7Death of Seasons Death of Seasons03:59
  • 8The Great Disappointment The Great Disappointment05:27
  • 9Paper Airplanes (makeshift wings) Paper Airplanes (makeshift wings)03:57
  • 10This Celluloid Dream This Celluloid Dream04:10
  • 11The Leaving Song The Leaving Song02:44
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  • 12...but home is nowhere ...but home is nowhere15:06
  • 13Web-Link (AFI/Sing TheSorrow) Web-Link (AFI/Sing TheSorrow)00:00
Sing The Sorrow Release: 07.04.2003
UPC: 00600445038028


17 Crimes

  • 117 Crimes 17 Crimes02:56
17 Crimes
Release: 05.08.2013

UPC: 00602537498482

I Hope You Suffer

  • 1I Hope You Suffer I Hope You Suffer04:38
I Hope You Suffer
Release: 22.07.2013

UPC: 00602537483914


  • 1Medicate Medicate04:20
Release: 27.08.2009

UPC: 00602527179834

Miss Murder

  • 1Miss Murder Miss Murder03:18
  • 2Don't Change Don't Change03:17
  • 3Silver And Cold Silver And Cold04:06
  • 4Miss Murder Miss Murder03:32
Miss Murder
Release: 01.12.2008

UPC: 00602498597637

Love Like Winter

  • 1Love Like Winter Love Like Winter02:46
Love Like Winter
Release: 06.10.2006

UPC: 00602498439197